Worker safety

Aquasol products, thanks to their unique composition, prove to be important allies in the management of workplace safety.

Compared to the use of traditional products based on solvents and surfactants, these innovative products protect the health of the operator and make activities quick, comfortable and totally safe. As they are composed of 99.83% water, our products do not require the use of special PPE. The operator is advised to wear only protective gloves. Even in case of contact with the skin, Aquasol products do not cause irritation and alteration of the skin. This allows you to operate more easily and reduces the incidence of occupational diseases related to skin disorders.

Aquasol eliminates the risk of exposure to VOCs by protecting the health of the worker and the environment. It is therefore not necessary to wear a PPE to protect the respiratory tract while using the product, thus increasing productivity and safety for the operator. In addition, the use of our products significantly reduces bureaucratic practices related to the use of solvents, such as the ATEX Directive. From purchase, to storage to disposal, the management of Aquasol greatly facilitates the carrying out of bureaucratic processes.

  • It is not dangerous and does not contain substances classified as dangerous for the environment.
  • It does not contain PBT or vPvB substances in percentage greater than 0.1%.
  • It is free from various restrictions (SVHC and VOC).
  • It does not increase the fire load because it is not flammable.

An effective and safe working process, which protects workers and facilitates practices related to company safety.

Furthermore, thanks to the proven effectiveness of results, Aquasol products become an instrument of protection and at the same time of business innovation.

The use of Aquasol also contributes to achieving certification:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (UNI ISO 45001: 2018).



  • Risk control, emergency situations Replacement of dangerous products with non-dangerous ones (“traditional” degreasers with content of chemical surfactants, solvents, derivatives of chlorine or its compounds) to protect the safety and health of workers.
  • Healthiness of the workplace: Improvement of working conditions (reduction of the probability of putrefaction, bad smells in the ward and reduction of VOC levels in the air). The operator can work without PPE
  • Market strategy: Increase productivity


Mandatory regulations

Legislative Decree 81/2008 Art. 15:

  • Elimination of risks, and where this is not possible, their reduction to a minimum in relation to the knowledge acquired ON THE BASIS OF TECHNICAL PROGRESS
  • REPLACEMENT of what is dangerous with what is not or is less dangerous
  • Limited use of CHEMICAL, physical and biological agents in the workplace

Safety certifications


SDS relating to
the Aquasol product in English language


Chemical analysis for the determination of the elements contained in Aquasol products (CEPRA)


Chemical analysis for the determination of the elements contained in Aquasol products (CEPRA)

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