The company

from 2013

A company born
to offer innovative and eco-sustainable solutions

Aquasol was founded in 2013 by its founders Andrea Gruppioni, Marco Tassinari and Gianni Righi, with the aim of producing sustainable solutions for water treatment and creating professional applications for the livestock and agricultural sector, where a better water quality drinking of animals in cattle, pig and poultry farms, could have contributed to better livestock production and improved animal welfare.

Subsequently, in 2019, following an increase in the share capital thanks to the entry of two new partners, Silvia Stefani and Simone Baruzzi, Aquasol acquired and imported a new patented technology, exclusively for Europe, which allows the production and the marketing of AQUASOL products, innovative and eco-sustainable, with strong detergent, degreasing and sanitizing power, intended to serve the Industry, Food Processing and Facility Management sectors

Aquasol technology
comes from numbers

Aquasol is a company that strongly believes in innovation and in the creation of entirely eco-sustainable products. In addition to promoting this message in the field and sectors in which we operate, we regularly invest in new study and research projects with the aim of identifying new applications and benefits of our product both for the environment and for the operator who uses it. Aquasol.



natural with unique technical properties

Application sectors

in which the use of Aquasol is optimized

Years of research

and field tests alongside Italian companies


and partner to share the vision with

Green: a real value

For a completely eco-sustainable choice we have chosen GREEN PACKAGING Aquasol Ecoplen logo
For Aquasol products in the 5 and 20 liter formats we use high resistance tanks thanks to the coextrusion in three layers of polyethylene. RileneĀ® (regenerated polyethylene) constitutes 70% of the total polyethylene and is contained between the two thin layers of virgin polymer. Our jerry cans carry the "plastic second life" mark.

The members

A specialized team

Ā All the people who contributed to the creation of the Aquasol brand are committed to innovation in various areas and extremely attentive to sustainability. Everyone has put their specific skills into play to best support this project.

Andrea Gruppioni

President of the Board of Directors

Silvia Stefani


Simone Baruzzi


Marco Tassinari


Gianni Righi


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A sustainable innovation
with unparalleled cleaning and degreasing power

Many companies have tested our products and were extremely satisfied not only with the high cleaning capacity but also with the ease of use of Aquasol.

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