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Care for the environment and sustainability

Aquasol was created with the aim of offering an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative solution in the field of industrial cleaning. It allows you to replace a solvent product with a water-based one without sacrificing cleaning efficiency.

It is an innovative product that is not dangerous and does not contain substances classified as dangerous to health or the environment pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 1272/2008 (CLP).

  • It does not cause contamination of the subsoil or water pollution
  • It does not contain substances classified as dangerous for health or for the environment.
  • It does not contain PBT or vPvB substances in percentage greater than 0.1%.
  • It is classified as a NON dangerous special waste.
  • Does not contain chlorine.


The use of Aquasol also contributes to achieving certification:

  • Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015



  • POLLUTION PREVENTION: Use of substances, products that DO NOT contain substances classified as dangerous (solvents and surfactants) for health or the environment (sustainable solutions)
  • POLLUTION PREVENTION AND LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: Reduction of the production of HAZARDOUS WASTE, management and administrative simplification of waste (temporary waste storage, registrations), reduction of EMERGENCY situations.
  • REDUCTION OF RESOURCE CONSUMPTION: Less use of water in work processes as AQUASOL products do not require rinsing.


Mandatory standard

Legislative Decree 81/2008:

  • Elimination of risks, and where this is not possible, their reduction to a minimum in relation to the knowledge acquired ON THE BASIS OF TECHNICAL PROGRESS
  • REPLACEMENT of what is dangerous with what is not or is less dangerous
  • Limited use of CHEMICAL, physical and biological agents in the workplace

Safety certifications


Chemical analysis for the determination of the elements contained in Aquasol products (CEPRA)


SDS relating to
the Aquasol product in English language


Chemical analysis for the determination of the elements contained in Aquasol products (CEPRA)

Aquasol guarantees

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      It is made up of 99.83% water


      We produce 5,000 l/day of product


      We offer 3 sales formats


      We contribute to the realization of 7 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

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