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A sustainable innovation with a
cleaning and degreasing power

 Thanks to their detergent and degreasing properties, Aquasol products find application in various industrial sectors.


Aquasol products can be used as pre-treatment in industrial painting to replace the diluent normally used in the manual cleaning of the piece intended for subsequent painting.

The use of this type of chemical products requires the company and the operator to implement a series of attentions and practices designed to protect the user himself and the environment in which he operates.

The need for PPE, dedicated storage practices, specific risk assessment policies, management of special hazardous waste are just some of the elements that characterize the sector, weighing down daily operations.

To avoid all the risks and complications associated with the use of a solvent product, Aquasol is the ideal alternative. Several studies have confirmed the equal efficiency of our product with respect to the use of substances that are potentially harmful to the operator and the environment in which it operates.

Whether it is the surface cleaning of the piece or its use as an industrial pre-painting treatment of metal parts, Aquasol guarantees excellent results and total operator safety, completely in the absence of solvents, thinners or other chemical products

    The primary application of Aquasol products is found in the degreasing and cleaning operations of the piece subject to subsequent painting.
    By eliminating any type of oily surface residue, Aquasol guarantees the same results compared to the use of traditional solvents.
    The Aquasol product can be effectively used for daily cleaning of work surfaces, removing dirt residues and sanitizing the treated areas.
    Thanks to the experience shared with high-level companies operating in the industrial painting sector, it was possible to see the high effectiveness of Aquasol products in this specific context.
    The risks associated with the use of solvents are drastically reduced: the safety of the worker, the working environment and the risk of fire.
    For the company, using Aquasol products means saving time and money in the management of complex bureaucratic procedures which, given the composition of Aquasol, become totally superfluous and unnecessary.

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We have carried out tests with several companies with proven experience in the sector and recorded the results obtained in order to demonstrate the validity of our product in practice.

Aquasol: European exclusive technology

Cleaning and degreasing process water with variable PH, between 11 and 12.5.
DOES NOT CONTAIN surfactants-solvents and / or biocides

Aquasol is a mainly water-based product created in complete respect for the environment and perfectly eco-sustainable. All without sacrificing efficiency in cleaning performance.

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