Mechanical processing

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Thanks to their detergent and degreasing properties, Aquasol products find application in various industrial sectors.

Mechanical processing

All Aquasol brand products are the result of in-depth scientific research, which aims to guarantee the user the same performance obtained with the use of solvents in technical cleaning, while protecting the operator and the environment.

The mechanical sector, in particular, records high rates of use of solvents, alcohol and solutions containing surfactants. These products are used to degrease components resulting from mechanical processing before they undergo subsequent treatments and / or assemblies. Traces of grease, oil or lubricants, if not correctly removed, can jeopardize the correct execution of the following processing steps.

It is in this context that Aquasol products come into play which, while guaranteeing cleaning and degreasing efficacy, entail innumerable benefits for the company and for the operator himself.

    The effectiveness of Aquasol is found in the degreasing of metal pieces and components resulting from mechanical processing.
    Aquasol products are excellent allies for cleaning work surfaces in general and floors, which can be used pure or diluted.
  • EXCELLENT RESULTS The effectiveness of using Aquasol products in technical cleaning is proven by specific studies and by the results of use found directly in the field.

    The specific composition of Aquasol allows the product to be used without special PPE. The operator works in total safety from exposure to VOCs and other harmful substances.
    The use of Aquasol eliminates the complications associated with the management of special waste. This simplifies the bureaucratic processes and costs incurred by the company.

Mechanical processing Portfolio

Discover some examples of the use of Aquasol in mechanical processing

We have carried out tests with several companies with proven experience in the sector and recorded the results obtained in order to demonstrate the validity of our product in practice.

Aquasol: European exclusive technology

Discover the cleaning and degreasing process water
with variable PH between 11 and 12.5
DOES NOT CONTAIN surfactants-solvents and / or biocides

 Aquasol is a water-based product created in complete respect for the environment and perfectly eco-sustainable.

All without sacrificing efficiency in cleaning performance.

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