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A further use of Aquasol products is the thorough cleaning of car bodies and interiors.


The automotive sector, as such, embraces a multiplicity of contexts and realities characterized by extreme transversality. From the production of mechanical components, to the assembly of plastic parts up to the finishing and cleaning of the interiors; there are many and very different needs that are encountered in the operators of the sector.

However, there are elements that unite the realities of the automotive sector: first of all the search for innovation and attention to worker safety and the environmental impact in business processes.

The use of traditional solvents and chemical-based products containing surfactants are ill suited to this quest for excellence that transcends the single finished product.

Thanks to their detergent, degreasing, sanitizing and anti-odorant properties, Aquasol products can be used both for technical cleaning that characterize the production processes of the automotive sector, and for cleaning interiors and bodywork, as well as the environments of companies operating in the automotive sector.

Here are the main advantages of using Aquasol in the automotive sector:

    The Aquasol range is designed to carry out technical cleaning of components used in the production processes of the automotive sector.
    Thanks to the specific dispenser, Aquasol products can be used effectively to clean, sanitize and degrease car interiors.
    Aquasol products do not contain silicone, so they can be used to wash the car body without causing any damage to the paintwork.
     Aquasol products are designed for simple, fast-acting use. Their characteristics act quickly in the breakdown of fats and oils.
    Composed of 99.83% water, our products eliminate the risks associated with use. No surfactant, chlorine particles or chemical components are present.
    Using Aquasol products means protecting the environment, both at work (eliminating risks and making it safer) and at the ecosystem level (Aquasol does not contain pollutants).

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Discover some examples of use of Aquasol in the automotive sector

We have carried out tests with several companies with proven experience in the sector and recorded the results obtained in order to demonstrate the validity of our product in practice.

Aquasol: European exclusive technology

cleaning and degreasing process water
with variable PH between 11 and 12.5.
DOES NOT CONTAIN surfactants-solvents and / or biocides

Aquasol is a water-based product created in complete respect for the environment and perfectly eco-sustainable. All this without sacrificing the effectiveness of cleaning operations.

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