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A transversal use

Versatile, effective and capable
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Thanks to their detergent and degreasing properties, Aquasol products find application in various industrial sectors. The easy application, the multiplicity of the surfaces treated and the safety for the operator, make the Aquasol line the ideal ally for use in the following sectors.

Mechanical processing

Aquasol products find among their maximum expressions the use in the field of mechanical processing. The Aquasol solutions can be integrated in the processes of removing oils, greases and in the general technical cleaning of mechanical components at the end of the production process or before they undergo subsequent processing, but also of equipment and machinery that require periodic cleaning or final cleaning before delivery to the customer.


The painting sector is characterized by extreme precision and the need to totally eliminate impurities and residues from the pieces being processed. Aquasol products enter the field to meet these specific needs: thanks to their degreasing properties, they allow extremely deep cleaning of the surface to be painted, eliminating any oily trace.


For a sector such as the automotive industry, Aquasol products guarantee numerous advantages. Both in the production processes and in the cleaning of the vehicle both outside and inside. They can also be used on car bodywork as they do not contain silicone, Aquasol products allow excellent results to be achieved. From the technical cleaning of the components to the sanitizing of the surfaces, they are inevitable allies.

Food processing

Thanks to the direct experience of team members, Aquasol has developed over time several applications dedicated to the Food Processing sector with proven validity. From the cleaning of environments and surfaces for processing raw materials, to the cleaning of specific equipment used in the sector, Aquasol products ensure maximum degreasing and sanitizing performance, respecting the health of operators and the environment.


Aquasol products are recommended for insertion and use in systems of:

Environmental management
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Management of health and safety at work
UNI EN ISO 45001:2018

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A sustainable innovation
with unparalleled cleaning and degreasing power

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