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When the product is applied, the + ions contained in Aquasol envelop the grease or dirt (characterized by the - ion), detaching it from the surface; the subsequent mechanical drying action removes it effectively.
No, it does not need to be rinsed and leaves no residue. The product must be sprayed directly on the area to be cleaned and then removed together with the dirt using a common cloth. The piece being cleaned is thus degreased and ready for subsequent processing.
Yes, the foods that come into contact with surfaces cleaned with Aquasol products are not contaminated as the products do not contain chemicals and the flavors are not altered.
No, despite the high PH, contact with the skin during the use procedure has no corrosive action. This protects the health of the operator while performing technical cleaning. For total prevention, the use of gloves is still recommended.
It can be applied directly on the surface to be cleaned or degreased, by means of a spray dispenser. After waiting a few moments, it is sufficient to carefully dry the treated surface with a good drying material and a cloth. In the case of particularly stubborn fats, it is possible to repeat the operation a second time.
We recommend using absorbent paper or a microfiber or cotton cloth for using Aquasol. With these materials, in fact, uniform drying can be achieved. On the other hand, we do not recommend the use of acrylic drying materials, as they do not absorb and compromise the drying action.
Aquasol is not a toxic product as it is composed of 99.83% pure water and 0.17% of food grade potassium hydroxide. Furthermore, it does not contain solvents, surfactants, chlorine or other pollutants.
Being 99.83% water and not containing any type of solvent or surfactant substance, Aquasol is a completely non-flammable safe product.
Since Aquasol is a water that is the result of an electrolytic process and not the result of a chemical formulation, it does not leave waste, residues, halos or contaminants.
Yes Aquasol is to be disposed of, but as a NOT dangerous special waste. Therefore the costs are considerably lower than the disposal of a solvent product, classified as special hazardous waste.
Provided it is stored in a closed container and not exposed to air, Aquasol is a perfectly stable product.
Since bacteria cannot survive beyond a PH equal to 11, the PH 12.5 of Aquasol is able to perform a natural antibacterial action.
Aquasol is fully usable in the Food Processing sector since the minimum quantity of potassium hydroxide in ionic form contained is allowed in the food sector as an E525 acidity regulator.


Aquasol embodies the innovation of years of studies that have led to the creation of an innovative product in the field of professional cleaning.


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