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Economic savings and debureaucratization

Aquasol products are able to guarantee companies considerable savings and effort in the management of bureaucratic procedures. The innovative composition, based on 99.83% pure water, involves a substantial streamlining in the management of bureaucratic and administrative procedures that characterize the use of solvents or other chemicals traditionally used for technical cleaning.

In addition to this aspect, the indirect economic savings are dictated by:

  • Reduction of protection devices to be provided to individual operators (not necessary)
  • Reduction of practices related to the storage of Aquasol brand products (fire load reduction and ATEX Directive)
  • Elimination of hazardous special waste disposal activities
  • Reduction of risks for operators, with a consequent reduction in sick leave and compensation claims for occupational diseases
  • Greater yield of the product which, as it does not contain solvent, does not evaporate.

ntroduce an important element of innovation into your business reality. Start today to save time and resources, protecting the health of employees, optimizing the level of internal safety and maintaining high levels of performance in the technical cleaning of components and surfaces.

Furthermore, by using Aquasol products, you respect the environment and make your company greener.

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      It is made up of 99.83% water


      We produce 5,000 l/day of product


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      We contribute to the realization of 7 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

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